Kevin Dean, NRP, MBA

Member at Large

Kevin Dean, NRP, MBA
Dean of Health & Public Safety
Western Technical College

La Crosse, WI


What interested you to get involved with NN2?

I attended my first NN2 conference about five years ago and was truly impressed with the attendees, speakers and general context of the conference. So many 2 year colleges in healthcare have to have such a focus on nursing that it was refreshing to have an organization that included all of the other allied health programs and gave college leadership an opportunity to network with our colleagues across the country. The professional and personal relationships developed at the conference and through NN2 have been priceless and I look forward to attending each year. I now have the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors for this organization, which allows me to be even more involved and to contribute to the ongoing success of NN2 for years to come. It is my privilege and honor to serve the membership and truly looking forward to the future.